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Das Hotel Rüdesheimer Hof ist ein Land der Hildegard Gastgeber Hotel

Das Hotel Rüdesheimer Hof hat mehrfach Preise beim renommierten Gastronomiepreis Hessen gewonnen

"Wine & Fine"
"Best service trainee"

Hessen 2010

Award Winner
"Best regional cuisine"
"Best trainee"

Gastronomy Award
Hessen 2008

Award Winner
"Best 3-Star Hotel"

Gastronomy Award
Hessen 2006

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Germany, Rudesheim & the Rhine valley

You want to discover Germany and especially Rudesheim and the Rhinegau / Rhine valley on your own account?

Nothing more easy than that! We currently are developing a wide selection of weekend getaways, vacation packages, short trips and special hotel deals for you to discover the impressive UNESCO World Heritage "Middle Rhine Valley". Find out all about the storied German palaces, castles and fortresses in our region. Take a ship cruise on the majestic Rhine river, unveil the idyllic Rhinegau wineries or hike along the Rheinsteig© in our impressive Rhinegau / Rhine valley.

Irrespective of the season Germany and notably Rudesheim and the Rhinegau / Rhine valley are worth a visit – no matter whether you have a day or week left to stay with us. We are looking forward to your visit to Germany and Rudesheim / Rhine!

Sofar we have developed the following special hotel deals for you:  

Regardless of the above mentioned offers: On request we are happy to provide you with your individual special hotel offer to help you make your stay in Germany a remarkable experience.


Hotel Rüdesheimer Hof | Familie Heymach

Geisenheimerstraße 1 | 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein

Tel: +49 [0] 6722 - 91190 | Fax: +49 [0] 6722 - 48194

Email: kontakt@ruedesheimer-hof.de


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